Tuesday, May 13, 2008

for one more day

Genre: Literature & Fiction
Author:mitch albom
harhar. this book is so great. mitch albom knows how to touch his readers' hearts. 'for one more day' is about having another chance, just one day to fix your life. and to understand why are all these things happening. it also emphasizes how our mothers love us unconditionally. how many times they stood up for us even though we didn't.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


hey. it's already 12:44 am. wee. but i'm not yet sleepy. i don't know why. haha. it's just that i can't sleep. wooh.

first. i am so worried with my enlistment of subjects in up. haay. i dont want to be pessimistic about it but i cat help it. yeah. it's because i want to help myself adjust for college life. wat if i cant get the sched that i and fritzie worked on for about 3 hours. hmmm.

then, now, i'm really sad. don't know why. i want to cry but i can't. i need someone.