Sunday, November 21, 2010

People always leave

 This picture is from One Tree Hill and I always like this because I know it's true. People always leave - either because they want to or they just have to.

My sister will be leaving soon- very very soon. She'll go to Australia to study and work there for about 3 years. She'll leave on December 8. I think that's two weeks from now. It's early but it has been decided. We have no choice because the fare was paid by our aunt and the amount of the ticket is lower/ cheaper by that date. So we said that it's ok. And that's it. She's leaving because she has to. And our Christmas and New Year will be different, I know.

Anyway, I really still don't know what to blog. Or I'm still not decided if there will be a theme for all the things I will blog. In the meantime, I'll blog about random things I have in mind. Haha. Until I have something that really makes me happy when I'm writing about it.

That's all for now. Feel free to read my blogs, follow me, and be my friend.:)


PS. Have you watched the basketball game of San Miguel Beermen vs Ginebra Kings last night? It was amazing especially the last minute. It was a great game.:)