Thursday, February 26, 2009

very bad day

"i am very disappointed with you."
"it was your fault."
"obviously, it was very unsatisfactory."

amp. ewan ku sau maine. irresponsible.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

february 9



I had my first Latin Mass this afternoon and I liked it. The mass was solemn, even though it was hard to follow what the priest was talking about – good thing that Kuya Ron let me use his Missal and Ate Naths continuously guided jenn and me.  (By the way, Kuya Ron is my housemate, Ate Naths’ ‘special’ friend (hihi). He is a wonderful person, actually both ate naths and him are. They look good together.) Anyway, back to the topic, I really loved it. I was able to concentrate with the mass and I really had a great time listening to the priest’s sermon. I felt the holiness and the spirit when I was inside. I could appreciate every words and hymns. Some of them were familiar to me since some were prayed at our house during the Lenten Season.


I had a great time this day. Thanks Ate Naths for letting us come with you. Thank you Papa God for letting us know these persons. Especially this time, when I am feeling down and helpless. I love you very much.