Saturday, November 29, 2008

dulaang kapiterya

last saturday, i had a great day. haha. we had a happy class session in comm100 although we had a quiz. hihi. we played a name game and many of us won a free drink. nyaha. then, we were dismissed earlier by sir guioguio. wee.

at night, jenn and i went to aldaba hall in upd to watch broadass' dulaang kapiterya. it was a great presentation. i loved it. the performance. the story. the characters. all. haha. oh. i nearly forgot to mention. there were two presentations. one was a musical play with ogie alcasid's music and the other was the alien vs premetev.

the first one was the musical play. the casts  were amazing. i envied their voices. haha. it was fun. it was uniquely made. i liked the part of the gossipers. haha. 'tong blog na to kay A at G tungkol3x tong blog n to. tong blog na to. tong blog na tohhhhh. (high pitch)' hahaha. cute. with matching emote emote p un..

and the alien vs premetev. i liked the characters. haha. well done. greatly done. and even though most of the scenes were funny, there was a serious issue and a moral lesson beyond every lines. one of them was that we, the students of up, are the ones that should make the change and should move to save the university. we should not let the primitives (past, old) or aliens (modern) govern our university.

haha. that's all. we also had free pastries after the play. i just shared it.


daNi caE said...

classmates pala kayo ni jenina sa comm100..hehe, roommates kami.. ^^

maine reyes said...

uo nga raw po. hahaha.

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