Monday, March 30, 2009

i will be dead on friday.



BC 100 (Tuesday Class) Wednesday, April 1, 2009
BC 100 (Thursday Class) Friday, April 3, 2009
C 110 (Wednesday Class) Saturday, April 4, 2009
C 100 (Thursday Class) Thursday, April 2, 2009
C 120 (Tuesday Class) Tuesday, March 31, 2009

All examinations will be held at Room M213, starting anytime beginning 1:00 o'clock. Please install your Jeopardy! board and the LCD projector before the appointed time. Contestants will be chosen by raffle at the start of each competition. A total of nine (9) students will be called to compete. Contestants had better be ready to represent the class or else...

A film showing will follow immediately after the Jeopardy! competition. Please consult the list of motion pictures assigned to your class. Some of your classmates are in charge of securing the films on DVD and bringing them to school for the film showing session. 
[Class Searchers for BC 100: All the male students in both classes. Add also Peter Pan, Josephine Carreon and Jamay Caccam]
Have the color TV monitor of the BC Department installed in class. No film, no grade, no good feeling for summer.

As suggested by the students, please bring food (nice, delicious, plentiful), beverages (ice cold Coca-Cola [regular] with ice and glasses and napkins), and utensils for eating and drinking. No parmesan cheese, ginger, allowed in the food. We will need to dine and drink during the film showing. Your teacher will pay his pro-rata (see dictionary) share of the expenses. Bring a bluebook. Oh, yes, some drinking water, too.

Be Afraid. Be very afraid. (SFX: Evil Laughter)

- directly quoted from Sir Avecilla's post at the BC bulletin board.


fritzie rodriguez said...

maine, good luck!

may evil laughter pa! haha (nakakatuwa naman pla sya ah hehe)

Abigail Lingbaoan said...

mamamatay na tayo! huhuhu.

Japhet Calupitan said...

anong kulay ng kabaong gusto mo?>

maine reyes said...

yeah. pro ung finals, nooo. haha. i hope maenjoy nga nmin.

maine reyes said...

oo nga po. waaahhhh. tsktsk. ung friday na to ung araw na di ko ata hinhintay. huhu. dubdub dubdub. hahaha.

maine reyes said...

haha. apir! waahh. purple na lng. haha. haiks.

Japhet Calupitan said...

ayaw mo ng colorless para kitang-kita ka?

maine reyes said...

ayaw ko ata. mxadong exposed. hmm. pwede bng purple tpos my spiral na marshmallow colors?

Gulivia Aservonta said...

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Gulivia Aservonta said...

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